January/February 2017 – New Mexico Edition

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Connie Guttersen, RD, PhD offers tips for a healthy breakfast and more

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Here are three ways to identify and strengthen your sensitivity to sounds from Spirit.

1) Pay attention to what you hear when you first wake up. As you cross over from the dream state to a conscious space, you are most open to messages from beyond – and most likely to receive auditory signs and signals.

2) Identify words that seem “spiritually charged.” When someone is talking or you’re listening to music or watching TV, certain words or phrases might feel especially meaningful or significant and jump out at you. Pay attention – this can be Spirit “hitch-hiking” on the words of another to send you a message.

3) To develop your clairsentience, think of some of your favorite or least favorite words. Determine what impressions you get when you hear or say them. Are there certain colors, feelings, images that associated with them?

Which Psychic portal is YOUR pathway to the other side?

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