September/October 2016 – New Mexico edition

Truly Alive SeptOct16 Cover - Christine Horner, M.D.

Christine Horner, M.D. – how to stay healthy and beautiful

Today’s Sharing

James Van Praagh - Truly Alive Magazinefrom James Van Praagh, evidentiary medium

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. – Mother Teresa

There are periods in my life when I notice a certain theme showing up over and over. As a medium and a spiritual teacher, I can tell when these synchronous events are not simply coincidence, but Spirit’s way of getting my attention. Over the last several days, callers on my radio show, students, and friends have all presented me with questions that have the same exact answer. The situations have all been different – but the clear answer to each and every one is “STOP TRYING SO HARD AND LET LOVE IN!”

You’ve probably heard me say “Don’t focus on attracting love (or a connection with Spirit, or anything else you may be looking for) – just “be” what you desire. But exactly how does that work?

Start by being still. This allows you to detach from any sense of striving and struggling, and move from your headspace to your heart space. Drop into this quiet, mindful state as often as you can throughout the day, for a few minutes each time. Doing so sets the stage for your true self to come through in its natural state of unconditional love.

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